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Find out what size unit you need.

5' X 5' Unit: (Similar to an average closet) Small furniture items, stackable boxes, stereo or sports equipment. Contents of a dorm room. Up to 45 office file boxes, with specialized shelving.
5' x 10' Unit: (Similar to a walk-in closet) Couch & chair, dresser, mattress set, and some boxed items. Seasonal yard equipment and décor. Small business inventory and equipment.
Packing Tips
Tools and Machinery 
Anything which might rust should be wiped with a little oil prior to storing. Oiled items should be packaged so the oil does not come in contact with other stored items. Hoses should be drained, coiled and tied securely. Drain fuel and oil from machinery.
Consider using climate-controlled storage space for fine furnishings. Wood furniture should be waxed prior to storage, and covered with a blanket or cloth rather than plastic. Stand sofas on end on a pallet to save space, and use loose sofa cushions wrapped in plastic bags to fill in space between furniture pieces. Disassemble bed frames and tie them together. Store mattresses in mattress storage bags, and stand on end on pallets. If furniture is stacked, use pads, blankets, or towels between items to prevent scratching. 
Books and Paperwork 
Pack books in small boxes because of their weight. Important papers should be packed in sealed plastic bags. Label boxes so that important items can be found when needed.
Pictures and mirrors 
Pack in boxes made for this purpose, and wrap in several layers of paper. Stand on end; do not lay flat, and label as "GLASS".
10' x 10' Unit: (Similar to a small bedroom or half of a one car garage) Contents of a one bedroom apartment with some appliances and boxed household goods.
10' x 15' Unit: (Similar to large bedroom) Contents of a small two bedroom apartment with household goods but no appliances. Subcompact car or small boat.
10' x 20' Unit: (Similar to a small one car garage) Furnishings of a small house with appliances. Car, truck, or boat with some additional items. Contractor inventory.
10' x 25' Unit, 10' x 30' Unit & 15' x 20' Unit: (Similar to large one car garage) Furnishings from three bedroom house with appliances. Car, truck, or boat with additional items. Commercial inventory and equipment.

Special Care
Computers and Electronics 
Original boxes are ideal for packing stereos, TVs, computers, and other electronic equipment, which is delicate and sensitive. If the original boxes aren't available, wrap securely in bubble wrap and place in individual boxes. Fill any gaps in the cartons. Tone arms on turntables should be secured to prevent damage. Records and CDs can be damaged by heat. Store records stacked on end, not flat. Back up your computer hard drive before storing, and keep the backup at another location. 
Line the bottom of a large box with wadded paper padding. Remove the shade and bulb, and wrap the cord securely around the lamp. Wrap the lamp base in several layers of paper and secure the paper edges. Several lamp bases can be packed in one box, with plenty of padding or bubble wrap to protect them. Pack the shades in a separate box. Use plain paper rather than newsprint when wrapping shades, as the ink may damage lampshade fabrics. Label the boxes "FRAGILE".
Your belongings are NOT insured by All Safe Mini Storage. Check with your homeowners' or renters' insurance company to see if they cover stored goods, or purchase separate insurance, if you want extra protection. We do offer third party insurance and have brochures available at our office with more details.
15' x 25' Unit: (Similar to a very large one car garage) Furnishings from a three bedroom house with appliances. Car, truck, or boat with additional items. Commercial inventory and equipment.

Storage Tips for Household Goods
Organizing Your Space 
Pallets or wood strips on the floor will maintain air circulation around your goods. Place large, heavy items toward the back of the space, and stack lighter items on top. Sturdy metal shelving may allow safer storage of fragile items, but ensure that it is stable, and place heavier items on the bottom shelves. In large units, you may want to allow a walkway to access items toward the back. If you need access to particular items, place them toward the front of the unit. Strong storage cartons will stack better than odd-sized boxes.
Prohibited Items 
Do not store combustible items such as paint, thinner, or fuels. Perishable items should not be stored. In cold climates, do not store items that might break if frozen in non-heated storage. Do not store food items in boxes or plastic, as rodents may be attracted and can chew into them. Illegal items are also prohibited (If you are unsure what might be considered an illegal item, please ask our staff for details and/or clarification).
Unheated Storage 
Unheated storage is subject to ambient temperature fluctuations and condensation. Use pallets on the floor to allow air to circulate. Do not place items directly against the walls, especially outside walls. Consider using a moisture absorber to help protect your more sensitive items.